Spring Frame keeps tilting

Originally from ticket #56912.

How do I get the spring frame to remain locked in place so that it does not move? The front of the mattress keeps tilting down with any weight which places the mattress at an angle.


It sound as if the spring frame is installed incorrectly.

The bolts to the spring frame should be higher then the platform of the spring frame. So the spring frame should be hanging from the arms and the arms are not supporting the spring frame.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

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    Amanda E

    My daughter's bed also tilted until the frame actually bent!  The frame should not be so weak as to bend.  My daughter is within normal/low weight standards for her age.  This should be replaced by the company.  It is not strong enough to hold a toddler after converted.


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    Ruth Sutton

    Hi Amanda, I notice you also submitted a request regarding this issue. You should have received a reply email from us. If not please check you junk folder to see if it is in there.

    Thank you,

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