What kind of warranty do you have on your products?

Our standard warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase from an authorized Million Dollar Baby specialty retail store. Our warranty covers new products only and for the original owner.  This warranty is non-transferable.  Warranty is void for used, secondhand, or floor models.

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    Hi, need clarification regarding "non-transferable" warranty.

    I am located in Hong Kong, and I do not believe you have shops here and you do not ship internationally. As fans of your products, my wife and I have decided to buy your crib via Amazon.com and use a "group shipping" service to ship it to Hong Kong. Our worry is that the crib will be sent to the group shipping service's US address first, and they will in turn ship it to us. We wonder if this constitutes a "transfer" and voids our warranty. 

    We've heard stories from US buyers where their first shipment was defective, and were very happy with your customer service and received replacements/replacement parts promptly. However, we wonder as international buyers, what options do we have?

    Thank you!

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