Buying Guide: Crib Essentials!

A good night's rest is something we all need, including your baby. Every time you lay your baby down in his crib, make sure his sleeping environment is not only a safe one but also is one that's comfortable and welcoming. Here's a list of crib and accessory essentials:

The crib:

  • Make sure the crib is sturdy. If it's not, when your baby starts to wiggle more, and then kick and climb, he could tip the crib over.  MDB uses 100% solid wood for our cribs.  Many companies do not!  Even if it looks and feels like wood, it might not be and can be broken easily.  Educate yourself before purchasing!

  • The crib must meet all recommended safety standards. The bars or slats of the crib railing should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so a baby can't wedge his head between them. Many antique cribs don't meet this safety standard.  

  •  The newest crib standards are rigorous.  Slats need to sustain 80 lbs of force.  Apply pressure to the slats with your knee, does it bend?  All of MDB's cribs exceed the 80 lbs of force.  In fact, we nail every slat down to ensure strength.  Check it out yourself!  It's nearly impossible to break any slats with your bare hands!!
  • Choose a crib that converts.  All of MDB's cribs convert to a day bed, and toddler bed.  Our toddler rail is even included!  Some cribs even convert to a full sized bed!
  • Choose a crib that lets you adjust the height of the mattress. It will be easier on your back if your newborn rests higher in his crib. When he starts to move more, you'll want to lower the mattress so he can't climb out easily.  MDB cribs all have 4 mattress positions!

  • Check the crib for sharp edges, holes, and splinters. Sometimes even brand-new cribs have hardware with sharp edges or points, cracks, or other irregularities. Examine the crib for anything that might injure your baby and make sure everything's safe before you put him inside.  
  • Carefully choose a location for your baby's crib. Don't place the crib against a window, near drapery fixtures, or near furniture which could help your baby climb out. Some drapery cords and fixtures could entrap or strangle a baby, so be sure to check out all aspects of the crib's surroundings before you decide on a spot.
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