New Federal Regulations: 16 CFR 1219

Beginning June 28, 2011 all cribs sold in the United States must meet new federal requirements for overall crib safety.

5 New Federal Requirements:

  • Traditional drop-side cribs cannot be made or sold; immobilizers and repair kits not allowed
  • Wood slats must be made of stronger woods to prevent breakage
  • Crib hardware must have anti-loosening devices to keep it from coming loose or falling off
  • Mattress supports must be more durable
  • Safety testing must be more rigorous

The CPSC has not issued any general recall or deemed CFR-1508(previous regulation) compliant cribs unsafe. Rather, the implementation of these new regulations (CFR-1219) was a proactive approach; an effort to make the newest generation of baby cribs even safer.

All of our current cribs have been tested against and passed the most current federal regulations.



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