Cradles & Bassinet Safety

A cradle is likely to be the very first bed for your baby.  While it is perfectly acceptable and safe to introduce your baby to a full-sized crib from the onset, traditionally parents use a cradle for the first few weeks or months of a baby’s life.

Tips for selecting a product:

  • Look for one with a sturdy bottom and a wide, stable base
  • Cradle pad should fit snugly and be firm and smooth
  • Swinging cradles should have a way to keep them from swinging once a baby is asleep

Tips for use:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the appropriate weight and size of babies who can safely use the cradle or bassinet.
  • Check screws and bolts regularly to ensure they are tight.
  • If the product has legs that fold for storage, make sure that effective locks are provided to ensure that the legs do not accidentally fold while in use.
  • Only use the pad provided by the manufacturer.  Never use pillows or add extra padding.
  • Decorative bows and ribbons should be trimmed short and stitched securely to prevent strangulation.


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