What kind of flame retardants are used on your Babyletto Gliders?

Hi everyone!

A quick note about our glider fabrics. 

The flame retardant properties for the Babyletto Gliders are achieved through the use of ammonium polyphosphate.  This is a commonly used fire retardant in textile and furniture.  It is completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Our gliders have PASSED the PBDEs test, PBDEs is NOT contained in our Kyoto & Nara Gliders.

Also, we are happy to note that the foam used on the glider does not contain polyurethane as a fire retardant.

All our gliders passed the CA117 test. 

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    Chris L

    So does this mean that the only flame retardant used is amonium polyposphate? The gliders are TDCPP and TCEP free?

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