What kind of paints and finishes do you use on your cribs?

We perform annual paint tests in order to maintain consistent quality, exceeding U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations. Paint is called safe when it has toxic materials under 300 parts per million [ppm].  For a company to claim low toxicity means they have paint with toxicity below 90 ppm.  At Franklin & Ben, our paint toxicity levels come in at less than 2 ppm.

Additionally, formaldehyde levels for all of our furniture is UNDETECTABLE. Rest assured that we not only meet federal standards, but we by far exceed them.  Not only do our products meet the federal standards set by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) but they have also met strict Japanese and European standards on formaldehyde emissions.

Our products are completed with a seven-step, non-toxic glazing and painting process. This not only insures great quality, but also the utmost safety for your baby.

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