Max weight or max age for a cradle/bassinet?

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Hi. I need to know what the maximum weight and age requirements are and also what the bottom support piece is made of? Does it contain formaldehyde? And lastly, is this a stationary cradle/bassinet or can it rock? Thank you. Jen

Hi Jen,

Thank you for your inquiry. The Bowery Bassinet does not rock. It is stationary. The bottoms support piece is made CARB Phase 2 compliant medium density fiberboard. It contains a low amount of formaldehyde as regulated by the California Air and Resource Board (CARB)

When speaking in regards to crib safety, we do not regulate our products based on age or weight as each baby grows at a different rate. Please stop using the unit as a cradle/bassinet if your baby is able to turnover and/or sit up on his/her own. When your child is mobile on his/her own, it can become a potentially hazardous situation to continue using the bassinet.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. I am setting this ticket to closed for now, but feel free to reply to this e-mail at any time to receive additional support on this issue - your reply will automatically reopen the ticket! Thank you.

The MDB Family

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