CA Prop 65 warning message

Recently we started putting a CA Prop 65 warning message on some of our products, and have been getting lots of inquiries about this warning.

The items with this warning are the items that come with a changing pad or mattress pad, such as cradles, bassinets, mini cribs and changers.


The warning message is CA Prop 65 regulation, it is mainly for the changing pads, mattresses or any item that came with a changing pad or mattress pad, not the crib itself as they are made of natural wood and non-toxic paint and finish. We can ensure that all of MDB CRIBS do not contain any of these chemicals as all of our cribs have passed ASTM standards and federal regulations. It is required by State of California law that we need to put this warning labels on certain products, like other business practices do. Such as Starbucks, when you walk into to some Starbucks locations, most likely you will see the same warning message. Here is the website where you can learn more about CA Prop 65:




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    Crystal Howard

    I find the above answer to the FAQ's about Prop 65 to be incredibly misleading.  Restaurants may have a Prop 65 warning because the sell charred/roasted food, and that particular process produces a carcenogenic substance (as would any food at home prepared on a grill or burned in the pan).  I am pretty sure that your cribs, changing pads, and other baby furniture are not grilled.  They therefore must contain some other substance that is "known to the state of California" to cause cancer or birth defects.  This could be lead, formaldehyde, or some other nasty chemical - and they must be in high enough levels to require the warning.  The fact that you would post such a misleading statement, that it is simply "required by State of California law that we need to put this warning labels on certain products," is totally misleading. It is NOT required that such a warning be put on a changing pad, but rather only if the changing pad contains or emits certain chemicals.  Your misleading statement on this topic really makes me rethink the other statements on your website (such as "no detectable levels of formaldehyde") and wonder whether they are truly accurate and complete.  I am now rethinking whether to purchase your furniture because I cannot rely on the information posted on your website.  

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    Ruth Sutton

    Sorry for the confusion. We are required by law to warn the public of the possibility of the presents of the chemicals. The only way for us Not to have this warning is to test each and every chemical listed (please see the following link for the list of chemicals It will take a while for us to have each pad/mattress completely tested, and because of this, we have to inform our consumer with the Prop 65 warning label.

    Please note all of our products are all formaldehyde safes and are completely non-toxic. Our products have met strict Japanese and European standards on formaldehyde emissions. We also meet current CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations regarding formaldehyde emissions.

     All juvenile products are required by federal law to abide by the rules of the CPSC in order for them to be sold to consumers. All of our cribs are manufactured to comply with the federal guidelines and standards set forth by the CPSC, as well as the ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials).

     If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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