Certificate of Compliance

If you are in need of a certificate of compliance we will need the model (item) number, color (finish) and the serial (Po/Lot) number from the crib.


This information will be printed on the original box of the crib. So let’s say you have tossed the box and it’s being recycled as we speak? No worries, you will be able to locate the model and serial number printed on a white label found on the right side of the crib, just below the mattress level on the full size cribs or on the mattress support board on the mini cribs.


 Please email this information to us at info@mdbmail.com and we will be able to email a copy to you.


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    Tamar White
    Thank you for the information. I do not doubt that your company is in compliance with safety codes for furniture. My concern is about the pads and cushions that have a warning label. Exactly what chemicals are in these products that require the CA prop65 label? What percentage do "trace amounts" have if you know exactly. Are the chemicals harmful to touch, breathe, chew on ect. ????? Anxiously awaiting your response. Thanks
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    Ruth Sutton

    The Prop 65 label is required because we haven’t yet test for all of the chemicals listed for the regulation. There are over 700 chemicals. By law, we need to inform the consumers of the possibilities of the chemicals. We are in the process of testing the chemicals because we haven’t yet tested all of them we are required to notify the consumers with the Prop 65 label.

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