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For replacement parts requests, you can submit them here: http://www.davincibaby.com/orderparts


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Hilary Brown December 20, 2011 16 Knowledge Base & FAQs

These are required by law and the CPSC has very specific laws regarding label size and placing.  The stickers contain important safety information, and it is recommended that you do not try to remove these labels as this could scratch or damage the finish.

Eric Jump June 14, 2011 11 Solutions

You can order replacement parts directly from us! Please be sure to have both the model number and serial number from the item. We will need this information before we are able to process your request.

Here's the link to our parts request page:

Million Dollar Baby: http://www.milliondollarbaby.com/replacementpartorders/new

Davinci: http://www.davincibaby.com/replacementpartorders/new

Babyletto: http://www.babyletto.com/replacementpartorders/new

Franklin & Ben: http://www.franklinandben.com/parts/

The MDB Family Customer Service June 29, 2011 104 Announcements

We have the conversion rails available here! http://www.davincibaby.com/bedrails

If you need assistance, please email the model and serial number (Po/Lot#) of the crib to info@mdbmail.com. You will be able to locate the model and serial number printed on a white label found on the right side of the crib, just below the mattress level.

Anthony So August 20, 2012 2 Solutions

Originally from ticket #37419.

Submitted via Babyletto contact form:

Email: {***}

Message: im interested in purchasing the Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase in White. i want to know if i'll have trouble securing it to the wall if i have at baseboard.
please advise

Sent at: 08/20/2012 06:22:09 am

Hi Dana,

This shouldn't be an issue. Because you have a baseboard, the bookcase will not be flush against the wall. Many parents continue to use our Spruce Tree bookcase in this manner. For a visual example, you can take a look at how Coos and Ahhs created this nursery for Adela and Henry:


I hope this information has been helpful for you. I am setting this ticket to solved for now, but feel free to reply to this e-mail at any time to receive additional support on this issue - your reply will automatically reopen the ticket! Thank you.


Anthony So
The MDB Family


Ruth Sutton April 11, 2012 1 Solutions

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